Why Did I Get Dental Crowns in Cancun?

July 1, 2023 A1 Clinic

The decision to get a tooth crown in Cancun turned out to be incredibly rewarding. I had my doubts, but knew it had to be done. I chose to travel to Mexico to have my dental crowns made in Cancun with A1 Smile Design, based on a friend’s advice, was a decision I’m proud of.

Choosing Cancun for Tooth Crowns: My Experience at A1 Smile Design

Several issues can cause a loss of confidence such as gaps between teeth, missing teeth, decayed teeth, damaged teeth, or any other dental disease. All combined can lead you to the point of even forgetting how to smile, affecting your social life. If you suffer from any of these problems, stop wasting your time, change your life, and improve your smile at A1 Smile Design.

Dental Crowns Cost Comparison: Mexico vs USA

Treatment Price

Emax Porcelain Crowns From $450 USD
per tooth
Emax Porcelain Veneers From $250 USD
per tooth
Teeth Whitening Treatment From $100 USD
per session
Video Treatment

“Needed a Full Mouth Reconstruction”

Why Choose dental crowns in cancun

After the first contact with my dentist, a full mouth reconstruction was in order, it was based on full mouth crowns, upper and lower. Initially, my priority was to preserve my natural teeth, leading me to conclude that this option was the optimal choice. Consequently, I maintained my natural teeth by utilizing dental caps, effectively protecting the entire tooth area, both front and back.

“I feel a 100% better with my New Smile”

Why did I have dental crowns done in Cancun?

For years, I was self-conscious about my smile; now, it’s a significant improvement for my dental health and appearance. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude to the tall A1 Smile Design team. I’m proud, now I have my A1 Smile!

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