Dental Crowns in Mexico 2024

Everything you need to know

Learn more about the reason why hundreds of patients come to A1 Smile Design in Cancun, Mexico to get dental crowns (also known as dental caps). Check out the prices to get dental crowns in Mexico, information about the types available such as zirconia and eMax porcelain crowns, and the process.

Crowns are the number one alternative to restore your smile without the need of having to get dental implants. By using only a cap to cover and protect all above the natural teeth.

The Advantages of Getting Crowns in Mexico

The main advantages of getting dental crowns in Mexico at A1 Smile Design are; that the price is more affordable compared to dentist prices in the US and Canada. The quality and training our dentists have rated above dentists in Turkey or Colombia. Taking into account the shorter dental work timeframes to obtain the perfect natural-looking smile you have always wanted.

  • Affordable Dental Crowns In Mexico
  • Obtain A Natural-Looking Smile
  • Shorter Dental Work Timeframes
  • Qualified Specialists for Dental Crowns

What Are the Benefits
of a Dental Crown?

  • Crowns are Safe, Comfortable, and Long Lasting
  • Helps You Recover the Function of Your Teeth
  • Secure and protect weakened or loose Teeth
  • Replace missing teeth with Dental Bridges
  • Serve as part of Dental Implants

Full Mouth Crowns
Cost in Mexico

This package includes:

20 eMax Porcelain Crowns
8 Zirconia Crowns (Molar Crowns)

A1 Luxury Suite + Transportation

Full Mouth Crowns
Cost In Mexico

 Only At A1 Smile Design

One of the most common questions among our patients is; how much is a Full Mouth of Crowns?The cost of full mouth crowns at A1 Smile Design of 12,600 USD (28 crowns upper & lower arch). This price already includes your lodging at the A1 Luxury Suites and the shuttle from the airport to the hotel and clinic.

We also have other packages using zirconia crowns or porcelain crowns. This depends fully on the diagnosis our dental advisors and dentists give you.

*Prices may change depending on your dental condition. Contact our dental advisors for a custom quote*

Types of Dental Crowns Available
at A1 Smile Design

At A1 Smile Design, we offer the best alternatives for teeth restoration using two types of dental crowns:
eMax porcelain crowns, and zirconia crowns.

eMax Crowns

The most translucent type of crowns with a natural appeal
of your teeth to enhance your smile while preserving
your dental health.

Zirconia Crowns

The strongest and most fracture-resistant type of dental
crown available. Zirconia crowns are the leading solution
for tooth restoration.

Ceramic (eMax) Porcelain Crowns in Mexico

Many of our patients have chosen this type of dental crown because of the functional, stable, and aesthetic improvement that porcelain provides, being totally biocompatible. Also considering that the lifetime of a porcelain crown is one of the longest since it can last from 10 to 15 years.

Crowns in Mexico

Zirconia crowns have been the most popular choice for crowns among our patients due to the strength it provides to the teeth, as it is highly resistant to bite forces. Besides the comfort and biocompatibility they also have. And, in addition, their longevity of approximately 15 to 20 years.

Dental Crowns in Mexico Reviews

“Definitely the Best Experience at the Dentist.”

At A1 Smile Design, we believe that every smile tells a story. And we know that every story is different, which is why we always adapt to your specific needs. By doing a comprehensive diagnosis before helping you decide what type of crown restoration will be the best for you.

“I decided to get my teeth done and I’m finally super happy and satisfied with how they look! I can smile and not be insecure about them anymore. Just wanted to shout out @a1smiledesign for being so amazing and helping me with my new smile”


Dr. Ernesto Morales

Dental Crowns Process

Step by Step Guide at A1 Smile Design

Step 1

Specialized Dental Evaluation

In the first appointment, we will undergo an in-depth dental evaluation with 3D scans, bite impressions, intraoral scans, and X-rays. This way we can tell what type of restoration you need.

Step 2

Start Your Treatment Plan

At the second appointment, we will begin removing the decayed parts of your teeth by applying sedation for a painless procedure. This will leave a healthy tooth ready to support and be protected by a crown.

Step 3

Digital Smile Design

While the previous part is being held. We will start to design your smile with our smile design software, using the 3D scanning impressions to show you how your new smile will look.

Step 4

Custom-Made Dental Crowns

After deciding how your new smile will look, we will start the fabrication process where the 3D printing, milling, and crafting phase will take place.

Step 5

Show Off Your New Smile

Finally, when your permanent crowns are completely done, we will place them above your natural tooth with dental glue or cement. Be ready to smile again!

Same-Day Crowns in Cancun Mexico

Thanks to our dental laboratory equipped with CAD/CAM technology, we are able to print, mill, and fabricate the crowns in around 24 hours. It is important to say that the time may vary depending on the number of crowns needed.

Which is better?
Crowns VS Veneers

Dental crowns are often used to restore the function of decayed or damaged teeth. Being the best alternative for full mouth restoration.

Dental Crowns

  • More Functional

  • Best Alternative for
    a Full Mouth Restoration

  • Protect the Totality of the Tooth

Dental Veneers

  • More Aesthetical

  • Best Alternative for
    a Full Smile Makeover

  • Natural Looking Solution

On the other hand, veneers are used to enhance your teeth and give them a natural look. Mostly used as a cosmetic restoration. 

Mexico Dental Crowns Before and After

How Much Do Dental Crowns Cost in Mexico?

On average the cost of crowns in Mexico goes from 400 USD to 600 USD. Compared to other dental clinics, A1 Smile Design offers one of the best prices for dental crowns at 450 USD for both, porcelain crowns per tooth and zirconia crowns per tooth.

Dental Crowns in Mexico Cost

eMax Porcelain Crowns Cost in Mexico $450 USD (per tooth)
Zirconia Crowns Cost in Mexico $450 USD (per tooth)

The cost for a full set of crowns (10 teeth per arch) is 4,500 USD. This is because the price for each material of crowns is the same, so if you need either zirconia, porcelain or both, the final price will still be the same

*Prices may change depending on your dental condition. Contact our dental advisors for a custom quote*

Get the Perfect Smile
at A1 Smile Design

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    Dental Bridges in Mexico

    Dental bridges are the most affordable alternative to dental implants in A1 Smile Design. Dental bridges are commonly used as a part of a full-mouth restoration to fill gaps between missing teeth.

    • Affordable Alternative to Dental Implants
    • Fill Gaps Between Missing Teeth
    • Can Be Used For a Full Mouth Restoration
    • Best Materials for Dental bridges (zirconia and porcelain)

    eMax Crowns VS Zirconia Crowns

    Which is Better Porcelain or Zirconia crowns?

    When it comes to what type of dental crown is best for your teeth. Porcelain crowns are highly recommended for front teeth due to the translucency of the material, allowing it to mimic the natural smile. While zirconium crowns are more recommended for the back teeth (molars) because of their strength and resistance to chewing pressure.

    How Much Does A Dental Bridge Cost In Mexico?

    The cost for a dental bridge in Mexico at A1 Smile Design can range from 1,350 USD to 2,250 USD. The price varies according to the number of crowns that the bridge contains, not on the material since zirconia bridges and porcelain bridges have the same cost.

    Dental Bridge Cost (crowns per bridge)

    3 unit bridge cost in Mexico $1,350 USD (per bridge)
    4 unit bridge cost in Mexico $1,800 USD (per bridge)
    4 unit bridge cost in Mexico $2,250 USD (per bridge)

    *Prices may change depending on your dental condition. Contact our dental advisors for a custom quote*

    Dental Crowns In Cancun Reviews

    “Thank You A1 Smile Design, For Giving Me A New Life”

    Google Review

    My dentist took his time and handcrafted custom smile that was detailed in each way. Everything was top notch.

    Kay F 

    Facebook Review

    I plan to go back later this year for a cleaning/ check up! Definitely one of the best in the world based upon my research!

    Kelvin Johnson 

    Google Review

    Have always wanted to get my teeth done and I chose to go to A1 smile design. Easily been the best choice I’ve ever made.

    Mason Lauati 

    Google Review

    Impressive, Let’s start by saying there that, I had my whole mouth redone! The results, are life changing.

     Bonnie Barnes

    Dental Bridges VS Dental Implants

    In terms of the procedure, dental bridges are less invasive since the only thing needed will be to shape the teeth surrounding the gap area, to place the bridge. Unlike Dental Implants, which will need an implant surgery and in some cases a bone graft.

    Best Dentist
    In Mexico For Crowns

    At A1 Smile Design, all of our dentists for restorative procedures are licensed specialists. With over 12 years of experience and thousands of patients smiling again after years of hiding their smiles. They will strive to provide the utmost care in your dental treatment.

    Contact us through the Website, Facebook or DM on Instagram.

    Send us a pic of your teeth to evaluate your condition.

    Book your appointment with $500 USD in advance.

    The date of arrival will be set with a staying from 7 to 15 days.

    Customize The Crown
    To Your Preference

    After selecting the color of your crowns, we will establish the shape of your crowns, either short, medium, or large depending on your natural tooth shape.

    Enjoy The Best Dental
    Vacation In Cancun

    Finally, you will be able to smile like never before with your #A1Smile. Be ready to show off your smile to your friends and family and stop hiding your smile.

    Expert Dentists
    In Dental Crowns

    Our dentists are specialized in dental crowns and bridges, with more than 12 years of experience in the dental practice & thousands of full-mouth restorations delivered.

    Have Healthy
    Functional Teeth

    By covering your natural teeth with a dental cap, you will be able to protect them from any type of danger, and also recover the function of decayed teeth.

    The Most Advanced
    Dental Technology

    Having an in-house dental laboratory allows us to deliver the best results in a shorter time. We recommend a stay of 5 to 10 days for your dental procedure.

    Dental Crowns

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which type of crown is the best for front teeth?

    We recommend our patients get porcelain crowns for front teeth since the appearance is more natural because of ceramic porcelain’s high translucency.

    What is the best type of dental crowns to get?

    In the case of front teeth crowns, we recommend porcelain due to its natural appeal, and for rear teeth, we recommend zirconia because of its strength and fracture resistance.

    How long does It Take to Get a Crown Done in Mexico at A1 Smile Design?

    The estimated time of the dental crown process is on average three to five days depending on the dental condition the patient has. It is well recommended to stay five to ten days, to address any possible complications.

    How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

    The durability of dental crowns is on average 10 to 15 years, however, depending on the care given crowns can last longer.

    When Do I Know If I Need A Dental Crown?

    If you suffer from any of the following conditions you may need a tooth crown: crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, decayed teeth, fractured teeth, or weakened teeth.

    How much is a full set of crowns in Mexico?

    In A1 Smile Design Mexico, the full set of crowns of 10 teeth is 4,500 USD, and a full set of crowns of 14 teeth is 6,300 USD.

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