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My Final Opinion on Getting Dental Implants in Cancun

Landing / My Final Opinion on Getting Dental Implants in Cancun

July 12, 2023
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July 12, 2023 A1 Clinic

How do I Know I Need Dental Implants?

How can I fix my smile? Do I need a full mouth reconstruction based in dental implants? Am I a candidate for Dental Implants?

These are questions we ask ourselves when we suffer from a sever dental condition like missing teeth causing gaps in between, damaged teeth, decayed teeth, or an extreme condition being this an edentulous disease that leads to the use of dentures, and we all know dentures aren’t the best solution for teeth loss since dentures affect directly the jaw bone leading to bone loss.

What about Dental Implants Cost in Cancun?

The treatment I undergo in A1 Smile Design was all on 4 dental implants. How did I know what I needed? Well, I had an idea when I called their phone number, a dental advisor gave me a preliminary plan where everything I needed was mentioned with the addition of the final quote.

You won’t ever expect the final price for dental implants in Cancun with A1 Smile Design… $18,000 USD Full Mouth! Yes, this treatment was quoted previously in the US for $40,000 USD, but A1 Smile Design gave me an A1 Smile helping me save more than $20K USD. Would you ever believe it?

If you need more information referring to dental implants in Cancun, the A1 Smile advisor will be glad to assist you.

A1 Smile Design Price Comparation

Dental Treatments in A1 Smile Design

Treatment Price A1 Smile Design Price (Mexico) USA Standard Price
Regular Titanium Dental Implant From $900 USD
per implant
From $3,000 USD
per implant
Short Dental Implant From $1,200 USD
per implant
From $3,500 USD
per implant
Mini Dental Implant From $450 USD
per implant
From $1,200 USD
per implant
Zirconia Dental Implants From $1,950 USD
per implant
From $6,000 USD
per implant

So, when Cancun does Enter as an Implant Dentistry Option?

dental patient happy dental implants cancun mexico

Well, I suffered from severely decayed teeth with gaps between them for a long time, more than I would ever have suspected.

So, after saving money for years, I finally decided to start looking for the best option for a local dentist in my city in the US, but this was not my best idea for many reasons: first, the prices are excessively high for dental work; second, hey wanted to charge me for things didn’t even need; and third, they didn’t have the best reviews if I’m honest.

Do They Deliver Quality Dental Care
for Implant Dentistry in Cancun?

Absolutely, at the A1 Smile Design in Playa del Carmen, they have different dental specialist for each type of treatment you need to be done, I was attended by a dental implant specialist.

Plus, the attention was completely personalized for you, they make you their priority starting from the moment you enter the clinic’s door.

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